“There was a work presented (…) by Jean-Marie Leclair (..) with melodies intertwining smoothly between flute and viola, which were picked up quickly and eloquently by the harp in the continuo accompaniment.”

“Debussy’s “Trio Sonata”, with the movements Pastorale, Interlude and Final – which are all very multifarious and full of contrasts – comprised the tenacious and weighty end of concert and was received by the audience with abundant applause.”

“Sounding once again in Trio, the true delicatesses “Deux Interludes” by Jacques Ibert, the first with expressive melodies and flexible dynamics, the second – with a Spanish flair – was playing with infectious motor rhythms and temperamental presentation.”

“After the break there was a piece by (…) the English composer Sir Arnold Bax, the “Elegiac Trio” which spun a painful-elegiac atmosphere and whose crossing melodic lines were played with great intensity and differentiated expression.”

Link: Review of a concert at Rosenau Castle (http://www NULL.saale-zeitung,84128) (in German)